HVUUC Church

Our Vision Statement

We work together as a church to transform ourselves,
our community, and our world by sharing love,
pursuing justice, and seeking wonder.

HVUUC Church

Mission Statement

The mission of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist
Church is to promote spiritual growth, religious
freedom, and ethical action.

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Holston Valley UU is a congregation that gathers in the spirit of 16th century Unitarian minister, Frances David, who wrote: “We need not think alike to love alike.” We embrace diversity within the congregation’s membership and in theology. We are committed to the spiritual development and well being of our young people, as well as our adults. We provide a religious education program based on experiential learning, ethical living, and drawing from all of the world's religions as sources of wisdom. We are committed to being a vital and growing progressive congregation within our larger community.

We hope you will visit our church. Our worship services are at 11:00am; children’s and adult's religious education classes are both before the service at 9:30am. I am in the pulpit three Sunday’s a month, and other Sundays guest speakers or members of the congregation lead the service, yielding diversity in the worship services.


A Perfect Little Unitarian Christmas

Rev. Jeff Briere

A glimpse into Christmas in New England in 1835, when Unitarians tried to squelch the celebrations and drunkenness that Christmas provoked. What happened is they got more of the same.

Church Words II

Rev. Jeff Briere

The second in a series of services devoted to an exploration of religious language. Do we have any use for worlds like, "salvation" or "blessing" or "grace"?

Christmas Eve

Rev. Jeff Briere

A service of music, story, candlelight and tradition. A cookie ministry follows.


Opening for Quarter-Time Choir Director

Choir Director​ Quarter-time position​

Key responsibilities are:

• Directing the adult choir and vocal groups in rehearsal and pe ...
Monthly 2nd Sunday Potluck Lunch
Bring a dish to share and join us after the Sunday service for our monthly potluck lunch in the Fellowship Hall.